Make-up brands that offer sound products to suit all skin types, tones and pockets!


When it comes to foundation bases these are both perfect in their own right.  Sleek Make-up NEW bare skin £8.99 covers well and offers a warm and soft natural satin finish on the skin.  On the other hand Revolution Make-up London ONE Foundation £4 is fluid and available in 15 shades, its light/translucent finish offers the buyer the lightest wear possible perfect for this time of year.

If you’re looking for good matt powders both Revolution and Sleek Make-up  offer shadow palettes with many colour combos that are suitable for all skins. Sleek Make-up originally set up for Indian/Asian skin have the most wonderful pigments and colour schemes.



The above compact is Sleek Make-up for brows thankfully they offer dark brown/black not many other brands go this dark! The matt nude lipstick, black kohl and liquid blusher are all items i love using on the skin from Revolution London, and the amazing Sleek make-up Lip polish (gloss) that goes on like no other I’ve tried!  So many products to choose that won’t completely “break the bank” or empty your pockets!   Here’s where to buy online and of course in store!

Sleek Make-up

Revolution Make-up

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Brow Kit DarkLIP 4  Ballet