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Karen Beadle, Celebrity Make-up Artist

18 Nov 11:30

Karen Beadle is not just an amazing and versatile professional but also and more importantly she is a great person. With years of professional experience beautifying the stars, she has a real talent for personalizing looks. As the prestigious “The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide” quotes: “Bridal make-up, after all, is a demanding art: it needs to stay put through tears and flashbulbs – yet look totally like “you”. Luckily, Karen’s way with brushes that sculpt, enhance and highlight combined with a masterful understanding of skin types ensures that this is a given; and that fabled “bridal glow” doesn’t go amiss either.”

From red carpets to special occasions, Karen Beadle’s expertise is recommended through well established London-based bridal boutiques, such as Browns Bride, venues and hotels, hairdressers like Joseph Koniak, and wedding companies and concierge services such as Quintessentially. Additionally, Karen has written articles as a beauty editor/writer focused mainly on trends in skin care and make-up. She currently devises and runs make-up courses at Morley College in London.

So, after this brief introduction, if you do not have your make-up artist yet and you would like to have a flawless look during your wedding do not miss the following exclusive Catalonia Weddings Boutique interview! I am sure it will be very useful for you! Thank you Karen! 🙂

1) What do you think is the most important role of the bridal make-up artist?

There are many important roles requested of a make-up artist for a bride to be. As a bride you will be overwhelmingly the centre of attention on your wedding day. This means you will be under close scrutiny from your husband to be, friends and family and in the lens of the camera. So the make-up needs to suit you perfectly, be long lasting throughout the day and night. The application of make-up is just as bespoke to the individual as a hair style or style of dress.

2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is the make-up in wedding preparations?

Apart from providing a great service to the bride, it’s very important to be a great communicator, be patient and keep calm during the preparations before the ceremony. So it’s a ten for me and my clients.

3) Do you usually work with organic brands/products also on bridal make-up? Or they are not consistent and durable enough to last the whole wedding?

I work with many natural and organic skin care brands but not exclusively. My background in beauty allows me to advise brides on their skin care routines and any problems they may want to address before the big day. My run through helps the bride understand their skin type and gives me a chance to try the various make-up brands I have in my kit. I always work with the latest products and I am very aware of the majority of seasonal make-up trends. Your make-up needs to look good close up and translate well into the camera lens.

4) What are your top tips for having a flawless look?

My top three tips for a flawless finish are:
1. Choosing the right facial, skin care leading up to your big day.
2. Knowing your skin type so that the skin is prepped perfectly before any make-up application.
3. Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin type and tone.

5) You’ve been working as a make-up artist in fashion photography, beauty, films, weddings & music. From the make-up perspective, what do you highlight from each industry? What makes bridal make-up different from the others?

It’s knowing how make-up application works with different types of lighting, cameras, whether it’s film or stills. It’s conveying something to the viewer, whether it’s an actor’s character, a trend in fashion and beauty through the style, colour and texture of the make-up. People expect creativity in make-up for fashion and beauty shoots. Working with brides is very different and needs more personal sensitivity towards the client. They will be very nervous and feel stressed on the day after many months of planning, the bride needs to love how she looks, friends, family and husband to be will be scrutinizing at close proximity, and the make–up needs to last through the day and into the evening. The filmographer and photographer will pick up the detail in every way. Too much, too little make-up and the wrong type of make-up, nothing will appear in the wedding photos. So yes a great make-up artist is very important to get it right!

6) You’ve worked for many celebrities. How does it feel to have worked with so many different types of clients?

I feel the variety of clients and mediums for make-up keeps me on my toes creatively. Whether you work hands on, write about the industry or teach the art of make-up. It’s great to learn and understand all the different sides of the business. For me it’s the art of make-up and learning to create something different and unique for each and every situation.

Over the years Karen has worked with many brides. Below you will find a nice testimonial from the beautiful bride Erika Nilsson regarding Karen’s services and how she and her family felt about it (see pictures below):

“I am so happy having used Karen Beadle as the make-up artist for my wedding. She made me, my sister and mother look our absolute best! She achieved the perfect balance of looking made up but still natural. Karen gives a lot of advise but still listens to all your views, she wants you to get what you want. She has a lot of knowledge in her field and takes all the time needed to get to the result you want. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone that is in need of a make-up artist for a wedding or any other occasion.”

For more information on Karen Beadle go to:
Twitter @karenbeadle

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