Dior’s Glow Maximizer, Pore Minimizer and Backstage Eye Primer to create a light reflective, smooth, and long lasting eye make-up.

CaptureKey products like these prepare for a radiant, flawless and long lasting make-up.  Dior’s Glow Maximizer £28.50 boosts the skin’s appearance and creates a light reflective youthful finish. Apply under your make-up on certain areas or just add a little to your foundation for an all over effect. As an artist I often apply over the foundation base that suits the client’s features. Pore Minimizer £28.50 can be used alone or under a base. It helps to smooth over enlarged pores creating a matt base for lasting make-up helping to soften skin discolourations.   Dior Backstage Eye Prime £21 a weightless, light, smooth, eye prime that keeps your shadow true of colour and long lasting. Capture

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London Fashion Weekend starting 10th Jan.  Click on the image to find out further details,  like our Facebook page and if you’re free sign up!



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