Reasons to love Eco Tools Complexion Collection Make-up brushes.


I’ve been meaning to write about these brushes for ages. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these Eco Tools make-up brushes from the Complexion Collection range on lots of occasions. They’re a permanent part of my make-up brush line up. Here’s some of the amazing benefits you’ll get from these brushes.

  1. Firstly they are synthetic so completely bacteria free.  I’ve heard of serious staphylococcus infections through real hair make-up brushes infecting broken skin after sharing dirty brushes with friends.
  2. These brushes are easy to wash and very quick to dry.
  3. No malting hair so preventing any getting stuck to the face.
  4. These brushes offer a sturdy and directional application whether you’re using cream or powder, great for contouring, blusher and eye shadow and good for body painting.

Further info on Eco Tools and available to buy online here at Boots UK  


100% Vegan & Cruelty free Nanshy Make-up Brushes.

masterful-set-black-300dpiI’ve had the chance to try out these brushes and really enjoyed working with them. They are soft, hold the colour well and offer a reasonable amount of control on the skin. The added bonus is that they are cruelty free and have the backing of which means for sure they are 100% vegan. I would highly recommend these brushes if you’re starting out as a newly trained make-up artist and need a good set of brushes to get you going.  They offer many other products in the range including brush rolls and other great make-up brushes for your kit. Being Synthetic they rarely shed hair, unable to absorb pigments so bacteria free, easy to wash and dry very quickly.  The line up of brushes above are  The new 12 piece Masterful Collection £49.95.  This is the link to their site and recommend you take a look around.

Nanshy make-up brushes.