According to ORLY Summer isn’t over just yet in the City with its NEONEARTH nail collection.

I’m totally in love with ORLY nails and the company’s ability to deliver the most vibrant of colours for all seasons. These may be the 2018 Summer line up and I’m sure you’ve felt the cooler weather descending upon the City. These carefully chosen colours will stay with you through out the Autumn/ Winter. If the beast from the east returns. You’ll have that nail vanish ready and waiting bought on the back of the summer Sand of Time vibe.  Painting your nails to the tune of Desert Rose, Blazing Sunset, Valley Of Fire, Moon Dust and After Glow will focus your mind on good times.

ORLY’s Lacquer increases wear time. Pair with Orly Bonder and Polishield for longer lasting pedicures and manicures. Have a chat with your Salon or Superdrug to try Orly Gel-FX.

The Vitamin infused Salon Gel ensures chip free nails that last up to two weeks.

ORLY Neon Earth is now available from and RRP £11.


New range from Eylure London with colours to match, create & manicure those brows.


Absolutely loving the new Eylure range due to the fact they cater for all colours including dark brown and black. Sometimes these colours are the hardest to find over the counter. You will find everything from crayons to pencils & a fabulous Brow Ink that clients say are easier to apply, last longer and look better. A key item to add to your make-up bag.

Long Lasting Colour try the Permanent Tint For Brows £9.95 perfect to create a stylish brow or to strengthen and thicken the effect lasts up to six weeks.

To create the shape, Brow Stencils £4.95 if you need help , Brow Shapers £4.95 helps to remove hair through cold wax contains nine treatments.

Defining & Shaping, Brow Palette £9.95 has a long lasting waterproof brow collection, that Sculpts: with the firm hold wax Colour: with the intensely pigmented powder
Define: with a sweep of the matt highlighter.

Brow pencil £5.45 easy to apply and available in black, dark brown, mid brown and blonde

Brow Crayon £6.45 A soft, smudge-proof, high performance brow pencil, enriched with Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E, to create an intense, long-lasting colour.

Brow Ink £8.45 Create a tattoo-type finish with Eylure’s unique, double-ended, intense brow ink. Providing a slim end for fine detail and wide end for smooth colour,

Keeping in Shape Brow, Tame & Define Wax £6.45, A durable and effective fixing wax that conditions, nourishes and helps promotes healthy hair growth.

Brow Control & Shape Gel £6.25, A long-hold brow fixer gel, that treats the follicle whilst keeping the brow in shape.

Brow Nourishing Oil £8.25, Groom your brows whilst you sleep an Argon Oil packed full of natural ingredients to promote healthy hair growth that conditions and nourishes.

The NEW BROW collection,  prices start from £4.95 Stockists: Superdrug, Boots, ASOS and other leading retailers.

How to keep your brows long lasting in the hot summer sun!

Dybrow NewBEAUTIFUL BROWS-EYEBROW KIT-GROUP-sRGBEyebrows change how you  look very quickly depending on the colour you choose and the shape of the brow. Having created and pencilled in many brows for different reasons and situations.  It’s important to know what suits you best and find the finish you want!

Eyelure Dybrow £7.14 black & brown shades offer long lasting shape for up to six weeks, so once applied and carefully designed your brows will last over the summer months come rain or shine.   Beautiful Brows £38 an extensive eyebrow kit dedicated to the perfect long wearing brow, come in shades of black, various browns and grey!!s  and includes tweezers, brushes, stencils and highlighters and offers a clean and sculpted powdered finish.   For some reason black and grey shades are very hard to find. So I really loved this product.  Using dark brown on black brows doesn’t really work for me!  Click on the images for more info about each of the products.