Creating quick and beautiful brows with andmetics.

Recent visit to the Beauty Press Pr event at The Shard Shangri – La Hotel.  The first product I tried and tested is the brand andemtics brow company. It’s an all in one brow kit with wax stripes, brow pencil and powder along with a brow mascara and highlighter.

Step-by-step instructions for at home:
1. Separate the strips.
2. Position the strips and press firmly. There are fixed markings in the form of dots on the strip.
3. Quickly pull off the strips from the outside inwards.
4. Remove any wax residue with the enclosed oil tissue.

Founder Andrea Lehner says, “Beautiful eyebrows are not just the soul of the face, they also give it shape and can even have a lifting effect if they are the right shape”.  Waxing is preferable to tweezers as it’s less painful and done in one wax strip.  The hairs will also grow back slower and softer. It’s a product for women and men.  Simply attach the patented andmetics wax strips, quickly pull them off and experience that wow effect!

You will find before/after pictures, a how-to video and all product information on our website


NEW extensive brow collection #BENEFITBROWS launches 24th June.


If you hadn’t noticed there’s a brow revolution. As a make-up expert nowadays I know the importance of brows to suit your face and features. A few years ago I managed to fly over to New York to have a treatment in the world famous Brow Bar in the Trump Tower that included treatments upstairs in the Avon Spa. I’ve also rearranged brows over the years whether it’s bleaching, changing the shape and colour, making them thicker and longer to create all sorts of effects. We used hairspray back in the day to push up the brows to keep them in shape. However I was lucky enough to be invited by Camilla London’s head PR to the press launch on the Good Ship Benefit on the HISPANIOLA  and then we were sworn to secrecy for ages about this extensive brow launch.

My products arrived in a pink parcel so that I could try out the products myself. There are many types of effects, colours and thankfully ones that are dark enough for black brows.  The nine-product range comprises of mistake-proof shades that address every brow issue out there, from easily faking a natural brow to grooming unruly hairs from the lightest to the darkest in shades 1-6.

For a full cover of the product range you should view Lisa Potter – Dixon You Tube  explanation in full detail.  She’ll be giving you the history and low down on everything you need to know leading up to the launch date 24th June 2016.  So you’ll have the full facts on what you’ll be looking for to tame your brows. Btw #BENEFITBROWS are for absolutely everyone…Bold is Beautiful in the month of May 2016..
Capture4th image 2nd image5 captureimage browsHere’s the colour chart to matching your brows. Mine were the darkest No 6..
Brow Shade Finder Handout

New range from Eylure London with colours to match, create & manicure those brows.


Absolutely loving the new Eylure range due to the fact they cater for all colours including dark brown and black. Sometimes these colours are the hardest to find over the counter. You will find everything from crayons to pencils & a fabulous Brow Ink that clients say are easier to apply, last longer and look better. A key item to add to your make-up bag.

Long Lasting Colour try the Permanent Tint For Brows £9.95 perfect to create a stylish brow or to strengthen and thicken the effect lasts up to six weeks.

To create the shape, Brow Stencils £4.95 if you need help , Brow Shapers £4.95 helps to remove hair through cold wax contains nine treatments.

Defining & Shaping, Brow Palette £9.95 has a long lasting waterproof brow collection, that Sculpts: with the firm hold wax Colour: with the intensely pigmented powder
Define: with a sweep of the matt highlighter.

Brow pencil £5.45 easy to apply and available in black, dark brown, mid brown and blonde

Brow Crayon £6.45 A soft, smudge-proof, high performance brow pencil, enriched with Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E, to create an intense, long-lasting colour.

Brow Ink £8.45 Create a tattoo-type finish with Eylure’s unique, double-ended, intense brow ink. Providing a slim end for fine detail and wide end for smooth colour,

Keeping in Shape Brow, Tame & Define Wax £6.45, A durable and effective fixing wax that conditions, nourishes and helps promotes healthy hair growth.

Brow Control & Shape Gel £6.25, A long-hold brow fixer gel, that treats the follicle whilst keeping the brow in shape.

Brow Nourishing Oil £8.25, Groom your brows whilst you sleep an Argon Oil packed full of natural ingredients to promote healthy hair growth that conditions and nourishes.

The NEW BROW collection,  prices start from £4.95 Stockists: Superdrug, Boots, ASOS and other leading retailers.

How to keep your brows long lasting in the hot summer sun!

Dybrow NewBEAUTIFUL BROWS-EYEBROW KIT-GROUP-sRGBEyebrows change how you  look very quickly depending on the colour you choose and the shape of the brow. Having created and pencilled in many brows for different reasons and situations.  It’s important to know what suits you best and find the finish you want!

Eyelure Dybrow £7.14 black & brown shades offer long lasting shape for up to six weeks, so once applied and carefully designed your brows will last over the summer months come rain or shine.   Beautiful Brows £38 an extensive eyebrow kit dedicated to the perfect long wearing brow, come in shades of black, various browns and grey!!s  and includes tweezers, brushes, stencils and highlighters and offers a clean and sculpted powdered finish.   For some reason black and grey shades are very hard to find. So I really loved this product.  Using dark brown on black brows doesn’t really work for me!  Click on the images for more info about each of the products.