NEW Early Defence skincare from No7 helps to maintain and protect the skin for later years.

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I think most people understand the effects of the sun on the skin and most of the damage is made in the early years. Using sun screen is very important to prevent long term damage and skin cancers. This new range from No7 Early Defence Skincare range offers the age group 25-30 years a chance to help maintain and keep the skin looking younger and in good condition, whilst helping to protect against UVA and environmental damage.

Dr Mike Bell, Skincare Scientific Advisor for Boots UK, says “Protecting your skin for the sun and environmental stress is really important, particularly if you want to proactively delay the signs of ageing.  With Double Defence technology we have created a powerful and broad-spectrum antioxidant complex which had been designed to neutralise damaging free radicals that cause the skin oxidative stress, helping you to keep your skin looking younger for longer.”

The patent of Double Defence includes ingredients of Ginseng, Mulberry Vitamin C, Lipochroman, Vitamin C, Rice peptides and Alfalfa which all help towards protecting and repair along with N0  7’s unbeatable 5* UVA technology offering the skin advanced daily protection from the sun and environmental stress to help it look younger for longer.

The NEW line up consists of No7 Early Defence Day Cream £19.50,  No7 Early Defence Night Cream £19.50,  No7 Early Defence Eye Cream £13.50.

From the trials made over a two week period more than 90% of women found it super light and gentle on the skin, 85% felt they were looking after their skin longterm and 80% said their skins were more radiant after this time. Time for you to try for yourself.

Boots N07

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