Sanctuary Spa collaborates and launches New Cooling Sorbet and Air Whipped Souffle body care range with chef Tess Ward.


It was such a delight to be taught how to make the most delicious souffle’s and sorbet’s by Chef Tess Ward @TessWardChef  for the launch of the Sanctuary Spa’s @sanctuaryspa newest Air Whipped Souffle and Cooling Sorbet body care.

For the summer months ahead these new products will bring a decadent dessert from the kitchen into the bathroom.  Air Whipped Souffle is super light and has the consistency of a smooth buttercream that melts onto the skin as it hydrates and leaves the body with a delicious scent good enough to eat. The Air Whipped Souffle range includes a Body Scrub £8, Creme Souffle body moisturiser £10.50 and a Shower Souffle £7.


The New Cooling Sorbet Body care has all the freshness of a fine Sorbet that’s cooling, refreshing and melts on the skin. It has to be the best wake up call for a summers morning with a Cooling Body Sorbet £7 to add a light moisture, Cooling Shower Drench £7 and a Cooling Glacial Scrub £8.

new image

image 2

Available from May 2015 in Boots stores, for the latest news, product ranges click the link Sanctuary Spa.


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