NEW Instant Glow Piz Buin Illuminating sun spray SPF15 & SPF30.


This is certainly a favourite sun care range for me Piz Buin with it’s distinctive smell of summer. Instant Glow has an illuminating finish due to light reflecting pearls leaving a very flattering effect when sprayed onto the body. I have used this on my face and I have to say it’s great having sun care with an illuminating finish with an added SPF30. It’s very important to use sun care all year round to reduce any long term skin damage, preventing premature ageing and any other serious skin problems. It’s not until later in your life that you see the damage done from your early years in the sun. Here’s some great advice from Dr Jennifer Jones, Consultant Dermatologist.

“ It’s important to make sure you use sun protection from
the very first day of Spring to keep skin protected from
the sun’s rays. Having been covered by clothing over
the winter months, skin is especially sensitive to UV rays
on first exposure so whether you’re at home or abroad
it’s important to use proper protection every day.”

NHS advice on Sun Safety. 

Piz Buin Instant Glow SPF15 & SPF30 £16.99. Boots & Superdrug.




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