KISS brings the salon home with many great ideas & products for nails & lashes!

A fun party last night at the launch of the NEW Kiss products  @KissProducts  @HomeHouseLondon with the wonderful @Leighton_Denny  &  @DaniellePeazer here’s some images from the party last night!






When it comes to the beauty industry there’s nothing better than having the variety of easy to use, good value & design of products to use. The company KISS has nails & lashes in droves to choose!  Easy come easy go,  which  means easy to apply and easy to remove.  There are variety of designs to suit all fashionstyles and if you’re interested in being a nail artist they have mini starter kits to get you going! £10.99 Superdrug in July & Asda in September 2014.

CaptureCapture 2

Lashes can be tricky at the best of times. I found these easy to apply without looking too over the top. Some of us love extreme beauty and others just want a natural version to enhance how we look. I would highly recommend these for the soft touch.

Capture 6

Some of the new products will be sold from September 2014. So here’s some links to get you going!  Superdrug Azda   for further research try the American site & in the UK  Boots  stock these products too!

If you want to Dress to Impress at just £5.99 each from Superdrug,  although the LED lamp is sold separately at £38.99 & the Double Up Top Gel £13.99. These nails have a professional finish.



The  imPRESSIVE NAILS from superdrug £5.99 below are very popular with celebs like Nicole Scherzinger & Sharon Osborne,  they can be applied immediately & very easily for quick colour & style to dress your nails.

Capture100Gel Fantasy Nails ( Ready-To-Wear-Gel) are available in square or oval shapes with plenty of glitter! If you have any glue issues then there are adhesive tabs available so you’re ready to go. No LED lamp needed here!  Available from Azda September 2014 £8.99.



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