A summer combo from MeMeMe to instantly create a summer sultry make-up.


The one thing i like about  MeMeMe  cosmetics are the eyeshadows. They are full of texture and pigment so easy to create an effect whether its just for a soft finish or further impact.  By just adding a small amount of water to a fine liner brush it offers a further dimension to the eyes!

A great combo for summer 2014 with the Flawless Tinted Moisturizer creating that translucent dewy finish £9.99, add a little Beat the Blues – Pear 1 pink ( i know it looks like a nail vanish!)  £5.50 to highlight and create an illuminating effect! Smokey Eyes Trio Shadow £5.50 to heat it up! The NEW Dark & Divine Mascara £8 for a big lash look.  I haven’t added a lip colour i will leave that up to you! Perhaps i can suggest one of the following three options, a strong dynamic finish, nude lip, or simply a lip stain. Each of these will offer you a totally different finish. Go on and give it a go try them out at least you can use these items well into the winter months.

Connect with them on facebook!  MeMeMe or Twitter @mememecosmetics


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