How to keep your brows long lasting in the hot summer sun!

Dybrow NewBEAUTIFUL BROWS-EYEBROW KIT-GROUP-sRGBEyebrows change how you  look very quickly depending on the colour you choose and the shape of the brow. Having created and pencilled in many brows for different reasons and situations.  It’s important to know what suits you best and find the finish you want!

Eyelure Dybrow £7.14 black & brown shades offer long lasting shape for up to six weeks, so once applied and carefully designed your brows will last over the summer months come rain or shine.   Beautiful Brows £38 an extensive eyebrow kit dedicated to the perfect long wearing brow, come in shades of black, various browns and grey!!s  and includes tweezers, brushes, stencils and highlighters and offers a clean and sculpted powdered finish.   For some reason black and grey shades are very hard to find. So I really loved this product.  Using dark brown on black brows doesn’t really work for me!  Click on the images for more info about each of the products.

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